October 19, 2021

Family and Medical Leave Inclusion Act

“The Family and Medical Leave Act, FMLA for short, provided a lot of sorely needed benefits to employees that had to miss work to care for families. The FMLA currently allows 12 weeks of paid time off work to care for a new baby, spouses, minor children (under 18), and parents.

Family and Medical Leave Inclusion Act

Since ‘the family’ has changed and new situations have continued to arise that challenge families, the existing law doesn’t cover the new types of families, including same-sex partnerships, children of domestic partners, as well as adding in considerations for siblings and grandparents.

Changes in the law have been proposed to include these new factors, which will again help this revolutionary law to cover all families going forward.”


  1. e ricardo says:

    Family member: lost 2 babies going thru fertility specialist, the treatment requires a few times week to be tested and blood works. getting to work late or need to leave a lit early, the eggs will be implanted in two weeks. I called Metlife Is not covered NOT EVEN JOB PROTECTION! this is a clear case of discrimination on this situation? maternity is COVER, the baby will be deliver same way as any type of maternity

  2. Phillis Steinbach says:

    The definition of ‘family’ certainly needs to be changed as far as this law is concerned. I am part of a growing demographic that is not considered in this law. I recently requested intermittent time off to care for my sister who is widowed, has no children, and lives alone. Our parents are 500 miles away, and are 89 and 92 years old respectively. I was denied FMLA even though we are blood relatives, and came out of the same womb!! Given that, how much closer can we be as family? My sister and I are not the only ones in this situation; we are actually a growing number of the population that are not being considered by society.

  3. Cheryl Rentner says:

    FMLA is great but why should your employer be allowed to pay you off and deny you your scheduled vacation? My FMLA is intermittent and the days I miss are definitely not relaxing much needed vacation time! At my employer (UPS) we have to pick our vacations in October for the following year.

  4. Starr says:

    My employees abuse the FLMA system. How can I get a handle on this situation?
    Every week employees are calling using FLMA.
    If they are scheduled off on Tuesday then they will call Sunday night to use FLMA for Monday.
    Can’t I require a doctors note on the days that they are claiming FLMA?

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